Education Outreach Program

The Education Outreach Program’s (EOP)

NAAWA’s all-volunteer Education Outreach Program (EOP) was launched in October 2018 to specifically address the inaccuracies in school curricula regarding Arab Americans. We have thus far addressed misconceptions, stereotypes, racial discrimination against Arab Americans and offered alternative resources to social studies and history teachers as well as school board members and leaders especially in Virginia and Maryland. The EOP is committed to work nationally with various stakeholders, including parents, teachers, school board members, and other educators, to ensure that ALL children receive accurate, anti-biased, and diverse perspectives about Arab Americans and the Arab world.

The EOP’s mission is to advocate for and promote accurate, anti-biased, and diverse representation of Arabs and Arab Americans in American education systems.


Promote accurate depictions of the Arab community in k-12 curricula

Provide resources and subject matter content and experts to educators

Engage with stakeholders on issues related to misrepresentation of Arabs in K-12 curricula

Create awareness to empower the Arab American community and provide tools to engage with educators and schools when bias arises.

Build solidarity with underrepresented communities, and build bridges with allies to collaborate on equity matters in schools, including nuanced representation of all communities in school curricula

Educational Resources

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