Uruba (Ruby) Al Rawi

Uruba (Ruby) Al Rawi


Ruby Rawi is an artist and a humanitarian who loves to make a difference and impact the lives of vulnerable people in her community. She immigrated to the US from Iraq, where she was born and raised. She graduated as a Chemist from University of Baghdad in 1984 and worked as a Forensic Toxicologist for the Iraqi-Ministry of Health in Baghdad for 10 years.


Ruby lived through the horrors of wars for more than 34 years. Ruby worked with her aunt Widad Al Orfali the Iraqi legend, who opened the first private art gallery in Baghdad, Al Orfali Art Gallery, where she was inspired by the style and colors of her aunt’s paintings and other contemporary artists which which contributed in crystallizing her interest and admiration for art.


In 2004 Ruby joined International Medical Corps (IMC), a Non-Government Global American humanitarian Organization that helped in eliminating the suffering of people with a special focus on the health interventions. Ruby worked in the humanitarian section, helping others who were struggling and trying to survive the dangers of sectarian violence. This work helped shape Ruby’s personality and her desire in understanding the world better.


In her first solo exhibition “Nostalgia” at Dara Global Arts Gallery Vienna –Virginia 2017, Ruby started her art journey. She wants people not only see but feel the beauty of her mother country, Iraq through her paintings. She wanted to express her gratitude to her new home country, so she jointly did a fundraising to the Down Syndrome Association of Northern Virginia.