About Us

Who we are

  NAAWA is a grassroots organization of Arab American women. It is the platform and powerful voice of Arab American Women for causes and actions that strive to achieve social justice, protect human rights, civil liberties, and provide a welcoming environment for women and families to prosper and thrive.

Our Objectives

Advocate and support activism and leadership participation of Arab American women in developing and enacting public policies that protect individual rights and freedoms for all citizens.

Educate, empower, and inspire Arab American women to improve their local communities through volunteering, mentoring, and social outreach.

Uphold and promote the rich Arab culture and heritage, including: art, music, literature, and language.

Stand firmly against all forms of discrimination: gender, racial, ethnic, religious, and all other.

Form coalitions and partnerships with other organizations that share similar principles.

Naawa's Board Members

Executive Officers

    Mona Sadeq-Omar         ( President )

Ghada Mansour Barakat ( Treasurer )

   Hiam Muhawi             ( Secretary )

Board Members

Najat Arafat Khelil   Chairwoman

Jihan Andoni

Hanan Younis Moore

Nada Kiblawi

Wahiba Derouaze