11/23/2019 - First Round Table Discussion with Dr. Abudabbeh

“The Challenges That Face the AAW in our Community.“ with Dr. Nuha Abudabbeh.

Dr. Abudabbeh has lengthy proficiency in working with different Arab Americans in the community, as well as Americans, which puts her in a unique position that equips her to offer specialized services.
She attained her degree from the University of Maryland in 1974, followed by her training in psychiatry at Harvard University. 

10/19/2019 - Substance Abuse and Today's Youth


What started off as self-medication turned into a vicious addiction cycle leading to an overdose that landed him on life support back in 2013. Thinking he could still function without help and counseling, he continued an unhealthy lifestyle and subsequently was arrested in 2015 and sentenced to 3 years in jail. NAAWA  hosted  Sam  Anthony during  the  monthly program  at  the  Brio. Sam  passionately shared his story with our  members  and  friends through his  motivational talk. He is hoping to inspire others, provide hope for the future and educate youth through sharing his own personal story. His message emphasizes awareness and encouragement.