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The Platform and Powerful Voice of Arab American Women for causes and actions that strive to achieve social justice, protect human rights, civil liberties, and provide a welcoming environment for women and families to prosper and thrive. The multi-fold purpose of the Association includes:

  •  Advocate and Support active and leadership participation of Arab American women in developing and enacting public policies that protect individual rights and freedoms for all citizens.
  •  Educate, Empower, and Inspire Arab American women to improve their local communities through volunteering, mentoring, and social outreach.
  • Uphold and Promote the rich Arab culture and heritage, including: art, music, literature, and language.
  • Stand Firmly against all forms of discrimination: gender, racial, ethnic, religious, and all other.
  • Form Coalitions and partnerships with other organizations that share similar principles.

MEMBERSHIP Eligibility

Membership in the National Arab American Women’s Association shall be open to all Arab American Women and spouses of Arab American men who are lawful citizens and/or permanent residents of the United States of America, and who support the mission and purpose of the Association.New members shall be recommended by at least two (2) two members of their local chapter and approved by the Board.

Membership Classification

  1. Regular Membership shall be extended to Arab American women and spouses of Arab American men 19 years and older who demonstrate an active support and belief in the mission of the Association. 
  2. Youth Membership shall be extended to young females ages 13-18 years who are accompanied by a regular member in good standing.  
  3. Associate Membership shall be extended to non-Arab American women who believe in NAAWA’s goals and mission statement.

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Membership Dues 

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