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2018 Events

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The Educational Outreach Committee Program (EOC)

We are so excited to announce to our members and friends the immediate launching of this program. Also, we are happy to announce that NAAWA has joined the Virginia Coalition for Human Rights (VCHR) https://vchr.org who promised to help in this program.The mission of EOC is to educate key influencers about the Arab Culture and the Arab-American Community and empower them and their families alike to be more attentive when making decisions regarding our children’s education. The only way we can succeed is if we all come together and show that our voice really matters and ensure that it is heard. The impact of changing what future generations are taught at a young age will have a positive effect in the short and long-term stages of their lives.

Come Join us


Saturday 9/15/2018

At the

Brio Tuscan Grille

7854L Tysons Corner Cntr

McLean, VA 22102

From 11:30 am to 2:30 pm.

Guest Speakers

Mr. Paul Noursi and Mr. Ghassan J. Tarazi will be our Guest Speakers . They will share with us and talk about their experience with Virginia Board of Education

Mr. Paul Noursi 

Paul Noursi been active with several organizations working for peace and justice in the Middle East, including the Virginia Coalition for Human Rights, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, and the Arab American Democratic Caucus of Virginia. He was a Barack Obama Delegate to the Virginia State Convention in 2008 and a Bernie Sanders Delegate to the Virginia State Convention in 2016 and has served on various Democratic Get-Out-the-Vote campaigns. Paul has a BS in Civil Engineering from West Virginia University and an MS in Engineering Management from the University of Maryland. He has lived and traveled extensively in the Middle East, and he currently lives in Vienna, Virginia, with his wife Samia.

Mr. Ghassan J. Tarazi

Ghassan was born 1948 in Beirut, Lebanon, to a Palestinian father and a Lebanese mother, four months after his parents were forced to leave their home in Jerusalem. His family then immigrated to Brooklyn, New York in 1956. He received BA and MA degrees in History, with a focus on Middle East History, and completed a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Virginia Tech. He spent 37 years in public education, ending his career as a professor in the teacher preparation program at James Madison University. Ghassan served, in a post-retirement role, as Executive Director of United Palestinian Appeal, Inc. He is chair of the Alliance of Baptists’ Community for Justice in Palestine and Israel. He is a founding member of the Palestinian Christian Alliance for Peace. Ghassan and his wife Kay, have organized and led members of their church on trips to Israel and Palestine. They live in McLean, Virginia.

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